Another 12

sara gebran

Another 12




“Another 12″:


A strategy to get curious of others. Use the past to reconnect to the present while looking into the future. A way to come to peace with dance. To let translation be the queen, and choreography a background. Dissolve the force of choreography: emancipating the parts from each other and the whole, while the whole from both it self and the parts. A durational practice until one turns 80. To not disappear by public appearance. To keep moving, while using maximum pleasure with minimum stress. To act emancipation. Choreographing emancipatorily: independent while dependent. A way to remember people by inhabiting them, and to stay with the ones one loves or want to love. Avoid isolation. A strategy to memorize things defying the deadly erasure of the speed of time. To find newness in the repetition. To insist in one thing, to not sell newness. To stare at each other until we get bored but continue looking until we change. To do as little as possible with maximum pleasure (I already said that but I need to insist) To insist on what each of us find important, and space to share it. To take back what look as if it is not yours and make it yours again, yes its a de-colonization process. To become an open big source: The-Pop-Download-Star. To be the star like every one else at what ever time of the day and age. To disappear a long time and appear gloriously when ever. To shape a future when all hopes are gone. To stay on the move (I said that too :))…


The text “Continuum” is written as a form of flyer, a small reflection and as a post-thinking manifesto, to try to share the reasons and potential of this very,very long choreographic and dancing practice developed in 3 parts during 4 years, until it landed in this version “Another 12″, with the aim of continuing for many more years and versions to come.


7th of May 2015, Inkonst/Malmö with 34 artists contribution !!!!