El papel es la pista


Its a publication and a dance floor. Created by collaborating artists: Sara Gebran, Gabriela Halac, Iñaki Álvarez, Dianelis Diéguez, Rubén Ortiz, Anabella Pareja Robinson, Tristán Pérez-Martín, Sarah Renau, Lluc Mayol, Maïte Álvarez, Oscar Dasí, and Iera Delp. Developed in the frame of Sâlmon festival ENTRE program as a special edition under BRUT NATURE La Caldera, June 2021, Barcelona.

It was defined within the movement between the ink, the printer and imprinted material, as a place of encounter. It's the result of two weeks work by 12 artists from different parts of the world whose practices evolve around performing arts, edition, publication, text and writing. Reaching to a publication that can be activated in performative actions thought as choreography. It's only rule is don't kill don't die.

Partly supported by The Danish Arts Foundation.