maximum spaces

maximum spaces

A system for re-using and re-gaining our urban commons, access to spaces, without curatorial filters…

What is Maximum Spaces?

A FREE source of spaces.

NON-CURATORIAL spaces for performing and rehearsing.

A DIGITAL BOOKING system that offers professional artists in the performing arts, theatre and fine arts access to un-used spaces in the city of Stockholm.

A NON-EXCLUSIVE, subjective space to present any thing, anytime, beyond external efforts of quality control.

An INCLUSIVE SYSTEM, allowing space and visibility for artists with small or irregular funding support, without the controlling values imposed by art producers, curators, politicians, the public, the financial market, etc.

An artists-run SELF-ORGANIZED & SUSTAINABLE project.

A RE-CLAIM of our citizen rights gained from paying taxes, to ACCESS THE URBAN ‘COMMONS’.

To RE-VALUE EXISTING SPACES BY MULTIPLYING USERS; since most urban structures only use 45-60% of their capacity we could maximize the public investment in those services by adding more users.

A chance for the creation of ALTERNATIVE SCENES AND NEW AUDIENCES outside of the normative and existing institutional standards.

A DIVERSIFICATION of artistic productions.

A support for the artist to be able to take charge of their CONDITIONS OF PRODUCTION.

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