Selection Redo 3

Selection-Redo #3

1-6 November 2016

Selection-Redo, is an artistic research that started in august 2016 and continues until it stops.  It is buildt through residencies inviting one or two artists each time to investigate concepts of mutual interest, choreographic tools and forms of fictionalization:

Selection Redo #3

1-6 November'16

Exploring abstract storytelling, a kind of long cinematic poem, cuts, cuts, cuts...

What is possible to do with images and text, in between re-telling, sing-reading, sing-talking, projecting-recording images, to produce a cinematic sensation without images, or using image edition in an articulation that feels more like moving language?

The week program:

Tuesday 2. Nov. kl. 18-19.30, meet with Sara Gebran, to iniciate the proposed cinematic montage.

wednesdayY 2. Nov. kl. 19-20, meet with Sara Gebran, to continue with cinematic montage and singing.

Friday & Sunday 18-19:30, with guests: Paula Caspao (as virtual montage) and Rebecka Stillman live.

Address: Pasteursvej10, 1799 Copenhagen K.



About Paula:

Is a researcher/lecturer and transversal artist based in Paris, merging fctional, choreographic and theoretical modes of composition and presentation. She founded T- Fi Cabinet [Paris/Lisbon], an exploratory feld of miscegenation between artistic, geographical and theoretical practices (T-Fi stands for Theory-Fiction). She holds a PhD in philosophy (epistemology and aesthetics) from the University of Paris-10, and is currently a postdoctoral research fellow in performance studies and contemporary history at the University of Lisbon.

About Rebecka:

Rebecka Stillman has been involved in many different choreographic projects in the past fifteen years. Sometimes as the instigator, sometimes as a collaborator and sometimes as a dancer. She received her education at the Royal Swedish Ballet School, SEAD (Salzburg), Södertörn University, Stockholm University and on the master programme in choreography at DOCH in Stockholm.

About Sara:

Head of Choreography Education, teacher and researcher at The Danish National School of Performing Arts from 2012-16 (DDSKS). Has been choreographing and performing in her own works and collaborating as performer or co-creator in the works of others, as well as teaching dance and choreography since 1994. Through the work at DDSKS she created a network of exchange and support between the local dance and visual art community and its institutions, aiming for other types of infrastructures of socio-economic and political support, towards new forms of artistic creations. Her current artistic research is centered around ‘common’ modes of doing, sharing and being