New publication: QUANTUM SOCIETY >>> 

Upcoming event:

El Buscón Bookshop invites to the book-launch and performance of the book 'Quantum Society’ by Sara Gebran, choreographer, dancer, professor in choreography and writer. In dialog with Yoyiana Ahumada Licea, Venezuelan writer and dramaturg. 

The 5. May 2022, at 16.30 h.

TAC Space - El Buscón bookshop,

Transnocho Cultural, CC Paseo Las Mercedes, Caracas.

@elbuscon1 @saragebran


Artists in different citys is invited to activate the publication QUANTUM SOCIETY together.

They receive and reads the book before meeting. When they meet, during 3 days, they discuss their experience, thoughts and wish for activation, using time in the space to develop ideas for how to present them to the audience in the last day: translating from the page to the space, into a performance experience. The public event includes a presentation of the publication and invites the present audience for Q&A.

Travel itinerary:

25-27 March, CCAP, Farsta, Stockholm >>> 

22-24 April, Tic Tac Art Center, Brussels

29 April - 1 May, Oslo

29 June-3 July, Museum of Impossible forms, Helsinki.

5-7 September, Åbne Scene, Århus.

And also upcoming:

Berlin, Zagreb, Lisbon, Valencia and Iceland.

UPCOMING CONFERENCE - to be continued...

July 2021 Clit Clot by Sara Gebran >>>

Created by Sara Gebran

activating the new publication ‘Quantum Society’ by Sara Gebran

La Corvette, France


July 2021 Radio - Play - Dance by Sara - DD - Quim >>>

Created by DD Dorvillier, Sara Gebran & Quim Pujol

activating the new publication ‘Quantum Society’ by Sara Gebran

La Corvette, France