sara gebran

BIO: SARA GEBRAN (Denmark/Venezuela/Lebanon)


Choreographer, performer, teacher and head of Choreography Education at The Danish National School of Performing Arts 2012-16. During the last four years at this institution, she developed through the students a choreographic practice that is partly an imperceptible one - within the convention of a work of art linked to a recognizable subject or object – a mode of osmosis, a flow, a passage, a message, an infiltration, of moving information, relations, intuition, analyses, production, writing, speech and action, in order to build the highest possible concentration of energy, reflection, sociality, collectivity and physicality while equalizing the concentration of power on the two sides of the membrane. She is busy experimenting ways to work between theories and practices, in common, and as open source. She has a BA & MA in Urban planning from University Simon Bolivar (Vz) in 1987, a BA in dance from Instituto Superior de danza (Vz) in 1992, a 1.5 years post-studies on Aspectivity at The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm in 2013, a.o. studies. Has shown works internationally since 1994 until the present. Received several international awards. Her latest work “Another 12” is built as a strategy for continuing choreographing and performing within an accumulative matrix of movements, people, places and spaces, until a very older age, an ongoing practice on translation, becoming, multiplicity, the common.