BIO: SARA GEBRAN (Denmark/Venezuela/Lebanon)


Sara's works are situated within performance art, exploring medias such as video, photography, sound, architecture, radio, and text, mediated by the dancing body, present or not. She has been studying how power works and forms of collective empowerment, through her performances, teaching and writing, specifically with the projects developed in refugee camps in the West Bank Vertical Exile and Vertical Gardening (2009-2011), also while being the director of the Education in Choreography at the Danish National School of Performing Arts (2012-16), and the last 5 years, through performances, lectures, teaching and book publications.

Her interest in movements lead her to the study of Quantum Physic, from which she developed her latest Theory for a Quantum Society, Quantic Dance, Social Intimacy and Theory of the Gap.

Her 625 practices and invented theories lead her to teach in various Academies of Fine Art, Architecture and Dance in Scandinavia, and write two publications: Another Hole (Jan'19) & Quantum Society (Oct.'21); the last two performances: A Land Where No Dragons Hide & I want Bright Shivering Lights In It (Jan'19), and The Wake of Sleep, Side A & B (Sept.'20); two small Radio-Visual Broadcast proposals for the NYC Biennial (12. October 2021), and a Radio-Play-Dance (2021-22), a.o.

Currently Sara is proposing a new infrastructure for dance, to solve the problem of access to spaces for rehearsals and performing in the city of Copenhagen currently heavily curated, called: "Re-organization of the Dance Infrastructure" >>>
(2022-2026), to host the entire dance and possible visual art community of Copenhagen.