A land where no dragons hide - and I want bright shivering lights in it

A land where no dragons hide - and I want bright shivering lights in it


It is a small intimate work by the feet of a bed. A delight in the senses, spaceship and bluetooth. A quantum navigation. An invitation to intimacy, to sensuality, to the hidden worlds that lie beneath the conscious, the unconscious and the dreams, only accessible if listening closely. An investigation on how to bring the public to the private body so that the private can be/act politically, equally, proposing other forms of acting together, in concert in the production of a non-identitarian self.

Gaps are spaces in between spaces, waiting rooms, spaces that forms the formless, spaces for a latent occupation, occupation for fiction, dreams to be fulfilled, opening us up to the inside, which is nothing more than the outside. This performance is the start of a new gap for materialising vibration, materialising the underworld, the unseen, and the vibration of all...


Concept: Sara Gebran

Choreography a collaboration between Sara Gebran and: Rodrigo Sobarzo, Rebecka Stillman,

Olivia Riviere & Amalie Bergstein Nielsen.

Creative producer: Micaela Kühn Jara.

Scenography in collaboration with: Laura Rathschau

Co-producent: Dansehallerne.

Residency: Forsøgsstationen, Forum Dança/Teatro Eléctrico & Olga Roriz/Lisbon.

Support: København Kommune, Statens Kunstfond, Wilhelm Hansen fonden, & Oticon.

Video documentation:
trailer 11 min >>>

full performance >>>


22.-27. January 2019 at Koncertkirken, Blågårds pl. 6a, Copenhagen c/o Dansehallerne >>>


30. March 2019, Rua das Gaivotas 6, Lisbon >>>

3. & 4. May, Art Festival Revolve Closer, by Köttinspektionen Dans & Uppsala Art Museum. >>>

Maximum 24 persons per performance, book tickets in advance.