Solo 2004

60 min

FRONTIERS is a reflection on the existence of borders, the mobility between territories, countries, cultures, language, group of people, categories of division, etc… Who can move and cross the line? What are the conditions for this crossing, and who profits from raising borders? The performer crosses all possible the lines, between her and the spectator, between what is yours and mine, between what is ours and theirs. Sara also crosses the borders between art forms, using video images to dance with, text, hopscotch games to learn languages, belly dance, a charity act raising money for the read cross, a dance with shooting guns, a political denunciation of the sovereignty of countries questioned by military invasions, etc. The denunciation text in the performance is adapted to the political condition of the country visited, its international relations and policies., of what produces the national identity and statues in the world, questioning this representation. The text is performed by Sara and 3 local female guest performers invited from the city on tour, Premiered: Kaleidoskop Theatre, Copenhagen, April 2004. 

Toured to Damascus, Beirut, Aman, Ramallah, and Aix-en-Provençe.

Concept, choreography & dance: Sara Gebran.

Music: DJ Ñ.

Light design: Thomas Bek.

Video: Mikael Bing & Sara Gebran