Acción Gorila 5

Acción Gorila 5

10 - 21 June 2015

Acción Gorila, The Very Organized Guerrilla Economy of Contingency Movement, (Tracking back Donna Haraway’s Koko the Gorilla in National Geographic on primates) 

It is based on a series of events arranged in different periods and spaces in the city of Copenhagen and Malmö, using the actual potential capacity existing in the art institutions the Danish National School of Performing Arts and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, to collaborate using the already visiting international lecturers and teachers, to present their works to an audience outside the class room, in forms of lectures, discussion and performances. Conceptualized by visual artist, curator and writer Mathias Kryger and Choreographer, performer and Head of Choreography education Sara Gebran. Acción Gorila also aims for new forms of collaboration between practitioners and scholars from the dance and visual art fields, the two schools, the art spaces/venues and the audiences.


4 Acción Gorila events between 2014 and 2015.

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