she shrieks

She Shrieks

Performance 1999

28 min

SHE SHRIEKS takes initiation in images by the New York police-photographer from the 1930-40’s, Arthur Felig, alias Weegee - the famous. Depicting the drama of the big city - the absurd, the grotesque, the violence and the after effects of criminal acts - the three dancers interact as wreckless furies in a realm of clashes and in-fights. The Japanese band RUINS, surrounds the dancers with aggressive post-punk, roaring silence contrasted by moments of tender femininity. High speed and slowness followed each other unexpectedly. SHE SHRIEKS captures the chaotic despair of today’s urban life. Performed: Copenhagen, Aerowaves London, Aerodance Amsterdam, Dancespace project at Saint Mark Church NYC, Arle france, Lund.

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…a both original and compound work which confirms the impression of Sara Gebran as a highly personal and exciting choreographer… Henrik Lyding, JyllandsPosten, July 1998 -

Winner of the Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis/Scandinavian Platform, 2000

Henrik Lyding, JyllandsPosten, July 1998 -

Choreography: Sara Gebran (DK/Venezuela), in collaboration with the dancers

Dance: Charlotte Munch Bengtsen (DK), Bronwen MacArthur (USA) and Astrud Angarita (Venezuela)

Music: Yoshida Tatsuya (Japan) drums and Sasaki Hisashi (Japan) bass

Costume: Sara Gebran and Hanna Murop (DK)

Light design: Peter Glatz (DK)

Video: Thomas Hung (DK) and Ole Østergaard (DK)

Supported by the Danish Theater Council under the Danish Minister of Cultural Affairs, The Danish Actors Association, The City of Copenhagen Cultural Department, and KODA.