Body Expired

Body Expired

Performance 2002

45 min

BODY EXPIRED 2 points at our culturally blind acceptance of beauty. It deals with the imperfect versus our dreams of body perfection, with the fear of decaying and aging, the uglyness, lonelyness and anonymity that surround disgraceful bodies. We are forced to rethink how we regard our body and to consider the way in wich the media depict women in particular, as well as the body in general.

"Body Expired can - and should - be seen…"

/Lone Kruse, Østerbro Avis, 17.March.02.

Concept and Choreography Sara Gebran (DK/VZ)

Movements are created in collaboration with the dancers and dramaturgy/text is developed with Stuart Lynch.

Dance: Charlotte Munch-Bengtsen (DK), Astrud Angarita (USA/VZ) and Stuart Lynch (GB)

Music: Martin Vognsen (DK)

Light Design: Thomas Bek (DK)

Costume: Anna W. Weinholt (DK)

This project is supported by the Danish Theater Council, the National Bank and the Danish Art Foundation.