PUBLICATION: “The Forests Imaginary Trial - 374 Grieving Poems!” 2023-2024
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This book is a passage between the performance MEDIATING NATURE 2023 & THE FORESTS TRIAL in 2024. It's given to the audience in the performance MEDIATING NATURE, inviting them as jury to represent the lists of 2363 endangers species in the world. Along side, are 374 grieving poems for the disappearance of 11 colors in the world, translated to 4 languages. This parallelism, intends to awaken in the reader, sadness for nature's destruction and the urgent need to do something. The book is also a preparation and an introduction to the next performance in the project: THE FOREST TRIAL 2024 - a staged trial created in defense of the non-human species, those who cannot speak and defend themselves.

Support: The Danish Arts Foundation.