Another 12

Another 12


Another 12

It is an exploration of the relations between translation, composition and emancipation. Artists from different disciplines and countries have been asked to respond to 5 images I sent them from a previous project, translating them into a maximum of 2 minutes movement sequence. 39 phrases are performed one after another, some times performing alone or inviting others to perform with me. These takes place among an intallation of images, sound, objects and light, which changes according to time and space. The work is a sort of software, that changes in time, in which more people and objects could participate, be included to: as new artists offering a sequence of movements or performing them with me, or new objects that needs to appeard. Alls parts exist independent from each other, while coexiting, in its soft expansion. Sara gets confronted with a multitude of different perspectivations, of her own work, and the works of others. In 2011, I started receiving these phrases and hope to continue.

A strategy to get curious of others. Use the past to reconnect to the present while looking into the future. A way to come to peace with dance. To let translation be the queen, and choreography a background. Dissolve the force of choreography: emancipating the parts from each other and the whole, while the whole from both it self and the parts. A durational practice until one turns 80. To not disappear by public appearance. To keep moving, while using maximum pleasure with minimum stress. To act emancipation. Choreographing emancipatorily: independent while dependent. A way to remember people by inhabiting them, and to stay with the ones one loves or want to love. Avoid isolation. A strategy to memorize things defying the deadly erasure of the speed of time. To find newness in the repetition. To insist in one thing, to not sell newness. To stare at each other until we get bored but continue looking until we change. To do as little as possible with maximum pleasure (I already said that but I need to insist) To insist on what each of us find important, and space to share it. To take back what look as if it is not yours and make it yours again, yes its a de-colonization process. To become an open big source: The-Pop-Download-Star. To be the star like every one else at what ever time of the day and age. To disappear a long time and appear gloriously when ever. To shape a future when all hopes are gone. To stay on the move (I said that too :))…

The text “Continuum” is written as a form of flyer, a small reflection and as a post-thinking manifesto, to try to share the reasons and potential of this very,very long choreographic and dancing practice developed in 3 parts during 4 years, until it landed in this version “Another 12″, with the aim of continuing for many more years and versions to come.

Video documentation:

part 1 >>>

part 2 >>>

CONCEPT Sara Gebran

CHOREOGRAPHY in collaboration with Rebecka Stillman and other ghosty agents.

PERFORMED BY Sara Gebran and guests (for this event: Marie-Louise Stenteberg, Mathias Kryger, Efva Lilja, Frederic Gies, Adriano Wilfred, Emma Cecilia Ajanki, Sandra Andersen, Caroline Byström, Karis Zidore C., Olivia Riviera, Lydia Östberg, the guests of this conference)

39 DANCE PHRASES BY: David Zambrano (Choreographer, Performer, Teacher BE/VZ), Mette Edvardsen (Maker BE/NO), Tor Lindstrand (Architect SE), Hildegard de Vuyst (Dramaturg KVS BE), Rebecca Hilton (Performer, Teacher AS), DD Dorvillier (Choreographer, Performer USA/FR), Célia Fechas (Actress BE/PT), Yazan Khlaili (Photographer/Architect PL), Anna Koch (Choreographer/Director of Weld SE), Frederic Gies (Choreographer/Dancer FR/SE), Annika Olofsdotter (Game Designer SE), Vera Nevanlinna (Choreographer, Performer FI), Yukiko Shinozaki (Choreographer, Performer BE/JP), Nikolina Pristas (Choreographer, Performer CR), Eliisa Erávalo (Choreographer, dancer SE/FI), Manuel Perez (Dancer BE/VZ), Valentina Desideri (Choreographer, artist IT), Meike Shalk (Architect DE/SE), Astrud Angarita (Dancer VZ), Rebecka Stillman (Choreographer, dancer SE), Emma-Cecilia Ajanki (Choreographer, Performer SE/DK), Anders Mossling (Actor SE/DK), Mathias Kryger (Visual artist, art critic DK), Lars Persson (Producer of 3r: Väningen, Göteborg SE), Jesper Nordalh (Visual artists SE) , Åsa Andersson Broms (Visual artists, professor SE), Monica Aasprong (Poet NO/ SE), Britta Forestier (Architect SE), Kajsa Sandström (Choreographer, dancer SE), Cecilia Järdemar (Visual artists SE), Tara Motazedkivani (Dancer SE), Kai Eng ((Scientist researcher SE), Sviatana Viarbitskaya (Scientist and researcher), Yumiko Hoshi (Textile Designer JP), Erik Pold (Performing Artist DK), Philipp Gallon (Photographer GE/SE), Rebecka Stillman (se).

TEXT TRANSLATION Rebecka Stillman and Sara Gebran


SUPPORT The Danish Art Council


May 2014 Charlottenborg Kunstall, Cph, with 31 artists contribution.

June 2014, Overgaden Art institute, Cph, with 31 artists contribution.

7th  May 2015, Inkonst/Malmö with 34 artists contribution.

6th Dec. 2015, Conference Benjamin in Palestine, Art academy of Ramallah.

8th Oct. 2016, Conference FICTION/REALITY, at Dansehallerne, Cph.

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