Performance 1999

35 min

An exploration of the act of missing and longing. Memories of the pass overtakes the present mining the fleeting now into an endless growing void of emotions and relations, an abysm of absences. The memories of those who watch us from behind the pictures, an abysm of absences. A contemplative loneliness of emotions imprisoned in time and space, by the distance of time.

Then this 2 lines goes together, now they are spaced weirdly: 

Sara Gebran is without comparison both, the artist and composer in Danish choreography these days…

Alexander Meinertz, Politiken, aug. 22do. `99 -

Concept and Choreography: Sara Gebran (Vz/DK), in collaboration with the dancers

Dance: Charlotte Munch-Bengtsen (DK), Astrud Angarita (Vz), Bronwen MacArthur (USA), Sasa Queliz (Dominique R) & Sara Gebran

Music: Tobias Bertram (DK)

Light: Thomas Bek (DK)

Costume: Lise Klitten (DK)

Computer slides: Mikkel Bing (DK)

Scenography: Peter de Neegaard (DK)

Photography assistance: Per Morten Abrahamsen (DK)

Supported by The Danish Theater Council under the Minister of Foreign Affairs, The Danish Actors Association, The State Art Foundation, Copenhagen Cultural Foundation, Nationalbankens Jubilæumsfonds and Augustinus Fonden.