Selection Redo

SELECTION-REDO is a five-day performance, seminar, music, DJ-party and acts by guests proposing different forms of looking at artistic practices:


15 – 18 May / PERFORMANCE: "Remote Sensing" by Sara Gebran & Rodrigo Sobarzo with Paula Caspão & Rebecka Stillman / 20:00 - 23:00 incl. DJs (Special Guest: DJ Hvad/ 18th of May) / Big Stage.

The performance explores the concept of Remote Sensing, a way of communication from several distances across listening experiences implicating sound, text, inner movements, outer movements, cinematic feelings (with or without visual images) and abstract storytelling. Sara Gebran invites three international artists to participate as accomplices and as co- authors. The performance is a collection of exchanges of practices and fragmented relations, of material transforming throughout a one-year investigation - a collection of work more than a collective piece of work. The project is an ongoing artistic research on ways of working.

Video documentation >>>

18. May / SEMINAR "Artists at Work". 14:00 - 18:00 / Foyer

Followed by performance: "Remote Sensing/Dance Radio/Singing/Cinematic Montage" & Special Guest: DJ Hvad / 20:00 - 23:00 / Big Stage.

Local and international performers and performance theorists meet to discuss the artist's work conditions. The panel will be discussing Bojana Kunst’s book “Artist at work”, as well as questioning concepts of transdisciplinarity, interdisciplinarity, extradisciplinarity and collectivity - mechanisms that perhaps only confirm neoliberal precarious conditions of artists at work. The seminar is organised around two panels. The center panel is by researcher/lecturer and transversal artist Paula Caspao (PT), choreographer/performer Rodrigo Sobarzo (NL/CL) and choreographer/dancer/researcher Sara Gebran (DK/VE), who will introduce the book’s topics using a text selection method similar as that of the performance. The larger second panel includes invited artists, professors, art critics and funders from visual arts, dance, music and theatre, who will pose questions based on their readings of a selected chapter from the book, to generate the discussion.

19. May / "DANSEatelier feat. friends". 19:00 - 2:00 / Big Stage & Foyer.

Performances by: DANSEatelier, Ingvild Bertelsen, Anne Nora Fischer & Anna Moderato, Stine Frandsen & Isolde Daun, Adriano Wilfert Jensen, The Lake Radio, Riviere,Gasiorek&Stigsdatter, Jonathan Pyon in collaboration with Autopsia. Concert and DJ: Linda Lazer and DJ Refugee N4.

Sara Gebran invites the young collective DANSEatelier to co-curate an evening with performances from various artistic disciplines centered around the tactility of sound and image, followed by a concert and a DJ-party: Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Ingvild Bertelsen, The Lake Radio, Anne Nora Fischer & Anna Moderato, Alexander Holm in collaboration with Autopsia, the o.n.e., Linda Lazer, DJ Refugee N4. DANSEatelier is a collective of eleven dancers, choreographers and friends, as well as a physical space in Valby. They work from a wish to create continuity and shared authorship in the exploration of dance and choreographical practices.

Support: Danish Arts Foundation. Co-produced: Dansehallerne.

Residency at Olga Roriz Studios, Lisbon.