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Vertical Exile Stockholm/Botkyrka


5 months project from January to June 2010 with following activities:

Performance end of the project: VOODOOM: Waking the Model,

at Dansens Hus – lilla scenen, 2, 3, 4 June, Stockholm

“It feels a bit like being on technical-Ethnography, and Modern Dance Museum at the same time… So if voodoom power is as strong as proponents argue that religion is, after yesterday’s audience this evening, both rigorous, stimulating and multi interesting ritual will get all their wishes fulfilled” Cecilia Djuberg, nummer.se (03.06.2010)

Trailer: (VOODOOM: Waking the Model)

Sound track Martin Vognsen: (VOODOOM: Waking the Model)

In “VOODOOM: Waiking the model” we are lifting away the spells off Stockholm and Botkyrka with models of architecture and Voodoom, to help us in the visioning and imagining the possible and impossible, the utopia. Using multi-dimensions - dance, models, wizardry live music, live projections, installations of “shrines” and ritualistic acts - we invocate the super-natural powers of the spirits, to assist us in the production of new knowledge, places, people and relationships. “Come then, let us create a city in theory from its beginnings.” - Plato

Directed by Choreographer/dancer Sara Gebran. Performance created in collaboration with the artists: The dancers/choreographers Ylva Henrikson (Se), Eliisa Erävalo (Fi/Se), animator/dancer Olle Söderström (Se) and musician/composer Martin Vognsen (Dk). Consultant dramaturgy: Anders Paulin (Se). Assistant: Elin Samuelsson.

Vertical Exile Stockholm/Botkyrka is produced by Public Eye/Sara Gebran in collaboration with Dansens Hus Theatre, Botkyrka Kommun, Moderna Dansteatern, Mångkulturellt Centrum Fittja, SITE studio. and with the economical Support of: Kulturrådet, Nordic Kultur Point, Innovativekultur, Stockholms Kulturförvaltning & Botkyrka Kommun.

Vertical Exile - Copenhagen'09

Vertical Exile - Copenhagen'09

Vertical Exile - Copenhagen'09

Download (Newsletter #6: Premier: VOODOOM Waking the Model)

Animation & Movement!

12th of May, at Fittja Ungdomsgård (Fittja Youth house) from kl. 19.00 til 20.30

A workshop on Choreography & Animation. We aim to produce together an animation/choreography in miniature scale!!!

Vertical Exile_Cph'09

Vertical Exile - Copenhagen'09

Looking into the 5D! & Build your wish world:

19 February

An open workshop for all citizens, architects, city planners, artists, etc, to build a 3D model of an imaginary wish world, using cardboard boxes, photography, filming, moving, etc. At Dansens Hus small stage.

29th of April

After the experience on the 19th of February where a new animated space was created in Dansens Hus small stage, now we invite citizens, artists, architects, dancers, urban planners, etc. from Botkyrka and from Stockholm to create a large-scale model of a 5D world, by using building material for models, photography, movements, film and mostly the imagination. DANSENS HUS small stage. Stockholm

Vertical Exile - Copenhagen'09

A mobile diary

5 workshops & 1 Task on photography. 27. February, 20. March, 7 & 21 April, 10 & 26 May, kl. 19.00 & kl. 18-20, at Fittja Ungdomsgård.

How do you take a good picture and how do you communicate through photos? Ylva Henrikson and Botkyrka Ungdomsråd invites youths with a camera on their mobile or a digital camera to participate in this event. Task: Take 1 photo every day during one month, the theme is something you like or something you would like to change. Take the images when you are moving from one place to the other within the area where you live.

Conference Community Art

The project will end with a digital exhibition build together, a flip book/slideshow, that will be shown on internet and some photos will be part of an exhibition in Botkyrka and Stockholm.

Places are limited, to apply email: ylva.henrikson@gmail.com

Conference on Community Art

23er of March at Moderna Dansteatern. kl. 16.00 to 19.00.

Conference Community Art

Conference Community Art

Yes, a good attendance by artists & funds, diverse and inspiring projects in different fields.

Guest speakers:

Tor Lindstrand, Architecture art projects in Tensta (Website-1), (Website-2), (Website-3)

Anders Paulin & Tor Lindstrand, Temporary National Theatre (TNT) at the Royal Theatre of Copenhagen: temporary transformation of the national stage into a house of the people (Website) Sara Gebran & Anders Paulin, Vertical Exile - Refugee camps in the West Bank, Copenhagen and Botkyrka: a meeting between artist, architects and communities to exchange creativity and knowledge (Website)

Paloma Madrid, Community Dance in Botkyrka (Website) & (Website)

Arena Baubo, Empower Station in Beirut & Botkyrka: How can you claim equality (Website)

Book your place on vertical.exile@gmail.com or call 0737207121. Free admission! WINE & SNACKS will be served

Vertical Exile- hula hoop

Hula Hoop Attack!

We teach specific ways of using Hula Hoop as a tool to brake social barriers of communication & approach own physicality with ease & joy! Groups and schools can also book free Hula Hoop workshops at vertical.exile@gmail.com

16th of March kl. 13-14.30 and the 20th of March kl. 13-14 at Moderna Dansteatern with dancers from Botkyrka and Stockholm.

During April: spontaneous Hula Hoops in Alby Centrum and close classes for youth in Tulligen school.

22do May: Norsborg Ungdomsgard. 29th May: Hägelby park

Photo: Begnt Gustafsson

Super Residency


6 artists joined betwen March & May with their own artistic proposals within the conceptual frame we proposed: a work created in a public or semi-public space, in the suburb of Botkyrka: Alby, Fittja, Tumba & Tulligen. A residency between minimum 1 to more days.

Participants: Kajsa Sandström, Arena Baubo, Nadja Pärssinen & Paivi, Nils , Åsa Åström & Håkan Huszkowsk & Jessyka Watson.

Kajsa’s Super Residency did her workshops for kids of 5 years old the 7 & 8 of April. Performance is 28th April kl. 10 in Tumba Scenen. Nadja & Paivi did their 2 weeks dancing in Alby Library. Lena & Majula the last week of April recording sounds of Botkyrka, interviewing people and improvising a dance. Nils Personne & Johan E Andersson Intryck,uttryck,avtryck 28/5, kl 18, in Tumba Centrum. Music made from scrap metal instruments, dance & environment!

Empower Station” with Arena Baubo, 29/5, kl 11, Open Space in Hågelbyparken, Botkyrka. A platform for discussion and experimenting how to ’empower’ others. Jessyka Watson** with her Super Residency “The Rock Opera Super! Power!” done in February-March, about the formation of a community using song and dance (Website)

Photo: Victor

The wall WARNING: 1 April

Download: (The Wall security Website)

We have received information that a wall will be raised through Botkyrka. Work will start 1st of April. The secret plans have been reviled by a former employee at Wall Security – Sweden, and we believe that this should be treated as a serious warning. The building of the wall will be defended with promises about increased security, but the real reason is to strengthen the control over the community and to divide people from each other. The question is: Security for who?

Link: (The Wall)

Vertical Exile

Vertical Exile

Free Residency week

15th-20th March.

An amazing exchange during this week. Thank you all.

We give our residency time (studio space) at Moderna Dansteatern in the form of open doors and at Dansens Hus as close doors, to dancers and choreographers. If you are based in Stockholm we ask you in return to teach one contemporary class and/or observe an open rehearsal of one of the dance groups from Botkyrka

Read dates and program here: (Newsletter #3: Free Residency Week at Moderna Dansteatern & Dansens Hus)

Vertical Exile - stklm'09

Exhibition: Make Your triangle

at Dansens Hus - lille scenen

Vertical Exile - stklm'10

15th February - 10 June, DANSENS HUS foyé

Interact with Botkyrka and Stockcholm Maps. A playful exhibition, Try your Triangle!, watch videos on “Vertical Exile – West Bank & Copenhagen” projects and pictures accumulation of the “Vertical Exile - Stockholm/Botkyrka” project.

Exhibition: Make Your triangle & Re-Map Botkyrka

24th February - end of May 2010”

Started in Tullinge Library and every 3 weeks it will travel to other libraries and ‘Medborgakontor’ in Botkyrka.

General about Vertical Exile:

Vertical Exile is an international project which took place in two refugee camps in the West Bank, April 09; in Copenhagen suburbs, August 09; and in Botkyrka / Stockholm from January to June 2010

Vertical Exile is an artistic platform where citizens, local artists and architects meet to share and exchange creative knowledge and define collective ideas in relation to the urban space. The project uses different aspects of the map as a platform for a process that deals with transformation of movements; from the field of dance to the social movements between people, experiences and ideas.

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