+ la santa lucha vs royal rumble

La Santa Lucha vs Royal Rumble


An investigation of being in between things. This is a match between the real and the fake, between lecture and performance, between the ‘Host’ and the ‘Guest’ or the “Good” and the “Evil”, between the search for the local heroes the audience might need or think they need, for themselves or for their society, or the acceptance of the lack of heroes, mythologies and believes in our societies. It is also a simulation between reality and fiction, what we see and what we think we see, and who is in control of who. 

Lucha Libre springs from societies like Mexico with deep socio-economical class difference, giving birth to this unique heroic figures of ‘luchadores emascarados’ (masked fighters), real live heroes, who can be seen, heard and touch, and who brings hope to the misplaced and poor people of the country.


Performed by Ylva Henrikson & Sara Gebran vs 2 to 5 invited female guest from the city visited.


“… Sickly wonderful… There is no other explanation for my complete love to Sara Gebran’s dry seminar about Mexican free-wrestling, her crazy lycra-outfits and her lovely wrestling match with Ylva Henrikson and Luisa Denward. Gebran is like a latin american relative to Liz Aggiss!” - Liv Landell Major, www.nummer.se, Riksteatern, 23.05.09

“… Its fascinating to experience this “exotic” world, which heroic status the masked Gebran problematizes in a joyful spirit… ‘la Santa’ Gebran manages to put on cultural mentalities, faked or real. Beautiful…”** - Anna Ängström, Svenska Dagbladet, 28.10.09

Trailer: La Santa Lucha vs Royal Rumble

Full video >>>

Support: Danish Art Council (Kunststyrelsen), Swedish Art Council (Kulturrådet), City of Stockholm Art Council (kulturförvaltingen) & Danskonst Teater 24 Kvadrat meter, Göterborg.

Credits: Choreography & concept: Sara Gebran.

Dance in collaboration with Ylva Henrikson.

Two guest performers in every city visited (female).

Dramaturge: Anders Paulin.

Costume & Set Design: Sara Gebran.

Leotards costume by: Sara Sachs.

Press photos: Anders Paulin.

Video documentation Yva Henrikson

Tour spring 2011: 12 Feb Roxy Theatre, Basel, 17 Feb TPAM, Yokohama, Japan, 15 April Fylkingen, IETM Stockholm.

Tour 2008-2009. Presented in Upsala Stadsteatern, Moderna Dansteatern, 24 Kvadrat meter, Tribunalen Theater/Stockholm, and 2 times in Dansescenen/Copenhagen.

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