vertical exile lab '09

sara gebran

Vertical Exile Lab


A laboratory under Metropolis, by Copenhagen International Theatre (

An investigation to demonstrate the premise of the city of Copenhagen turning into a Mausoleum. A transformation of the use of the space and the physical body explores the death of the city, as well as the birth of a new place.

A collaboration between architect Merete-Ansfelht Møllerup, dancers/choreographers Esther Wrobel, Sara Gebran and Ylva Henrikson, Composer/musician Martin Vognsen, student architect Celine Bardram, video artist Mikal Bing, researcher & text writer Sylvester Roepstorff. Assistent: Mette-Marie Kongsved & Celine Nielsen Bandram.

Movie clips: Vertical Exile-Lab’08 (trailer

Support by: Scenekunstudvalg (Art Council), Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, København International Teater & Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond.

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