vertical exile lab '09

Vertical Exile Lab


A month-long laboratory, looking at how the city of Copenhagen has transformed into a Mausoleum, with the death of the social welfare system, given way to a neoliberal regime that changed the economic, social, urban and political conditions. The death of the city is explored by the 3 dancers' 25 minutes sex act to oneself (as individualistic individuals), intermediated first by the Hula Hoop ring, and by many hanging objects in the space: a pill of city rubbish, a mausoleum pyramid of waist. All is captured by a surveillance sound machine that loops it back into the space by a programmed system, accummulating information to continuesly reproduce itself, a house highly survailled space by sound, into the following party. The ecstatic culmination is the re-birth of the performers, into an open bar-party, where champagne and pig heads are squeezed in the bar's fridge like a window shop reminder...

A collaboration between dancers/choreographers Esther Wrobel, Sara Gebran and Ylva Henrikson, Composer/musician Martin Vognsen, architect Merete-Ansfelht Møllerup, student architect Celine Bardram, video artist Mikal Bing, researcher & text writer Sylvester Roepstorff. Assistent: Mette-Marie Kongsved & Celine Nielsen Bandram.

Performed under Metropolis Festival, Copenhagen International Theatre

Support by: Scenekunstudvalg (Art Council), Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, København International Teater & Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond.