Xchanging Memories of Movement

X.changing Memories of Movement


An exchange between Middle East and Scandinavian artists.

A month residency at Dramatiska Institutet and Weld in Stockholm (Jan-Feb. 2007) and 3 weeks tour to Copenhagen, Århus and Stockholm (September 2007).

An interdisciplinary arena, open for all artists to try out their ideas within the context of Memories, Language and Knowledge. The work focus on the process by which Language (in the shape of media, tongue or culture) transforms Memories into Knowledge – or the other way around, if you wish, and on how the interpretations appear as part of our social interaction.

The quality of the social space/public arena is one of the main aims of the project. We intend to make artistic and social processes the product of the work, not the performance seen as a result; the ability to improvise therefore is an important strategy for gaining more knowledge through the interaction.

The participants brings their own projects or ideas. Those tasks then are the material of the work; first with each other and the hosting artists, and then together with the audience, in a mutual exchange of experiences.

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Participants: Lisa Hagstrand, Karin Schmidt, Sybrig Dokter, Ylva Hendrikson, Ingrid Cogne, Erik Högström, Niklas Valenti, Nor Toma, Nasreen Aljanabi, Nejib Ben Khalfalah, Sara Gebran, Anders Paulin, Ingrid Olterman, Mazen Kerbaj, Christina Jensen Alicia Martucci, Boris Stjernebye Schiøler, Marie-Louise Stentebjerg, Martin Vognsen, Rose Parekh-Gaihede, Christer Bothén, Cyntia Botello, Sara Huss, Tora von Platen, Tobias, Yolanda Alonso Bothén, Annika B. Lewis, Ditte Felding, Jens Mønsted, Kathrine Nilesen, Amal Suhair Omran, Omar Rajeh…

Supported by: Nordic Resort, Statens Kulturrådet (Se), Wilhelm Hansen Fonden (Dk) & Blankbåndsmidlerne (Dk). In cooperation with Dramatiska Institutet (Se), Weld (Se), Moderna Dansteatern, Århus Festival, Dansescenen & Kulturhus Århusvf