Mediating Nature


(Premier August 2023)

THE FOREST IMAGINATIVE TRIAL is a 4 years research-performance divided in 4 parts, from 2023 to 2026, where MEDIATING NATURE is the first part, innvestigating different forms of minings of forests in the world, and the interconnection of these destructions at a global scale.

During these years different fictional scenarios for world trials are developed, through which we could (in fiction for now) stop the ecocide (1), by criminalizing those responsible for it, while proposing alternatives solutions to mitigate these destructions and protect the forests, through real and imaginative solutions, using arts poetic gesture.

MEDIATING NATURE aims to disseminate the practice of sensing and asking 'permission' to nature before entering, by listening to its vibration, as supposed to the anthropocenic manner with which humans have been acting out in the world, as if the world is ones own property. A practice that could position ourself as a part of everything, perhaps helping us change the way we behave and mishandle nature as free and infinite resource; slow down the fast destruction of the planet and be an antidote to stop greed and envy, accumulating infinitely over the earth's finite resources. Through a 'Manuscript-Map' of all dead species in the world, the audience could represent one of them, as judge, in the future trial in 2024. The practice of self-representation puts in question the state as representatives of the people.

(1) Using a law by “Stop Ecocide” which awaits to become the 5th international law in the International Court in 2026.

Artists: Tor Lindstrand (Architect/Artists/Senior Professor at Konstfack), Sara Gebran (Writer, Choreographer/Dancer/Professor in Choreography), Olivia Riviere (Choreographer/Dancer). Researchers: Yoyiana Ahumada (Venezuelan Writer/Journalist/Theatre Director/Professor)...

SUPPORT: Danish Arts Foundation.

COPRODUCTIONS & RESIDENCIES: Metropolis Festival Copenhagen. Theatre Rua Das Gaivotas 6, Lisbon. MDT Sthlm & CCAP (Stockholm).