Mediating Nature
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MEDIATING NATURE (premier 29. August to 3 September 2023, under Metropolis Festival Cph)

Sara Gebran invites the internationalartists/architect TorLindstrand, visual artists/engineer George Koutsuri, and choreographer/dancer Olivia Riviere to be part of a 4 years performance/research in defense of nature, beginning now with "Mediating Nature”.

In ‘Mediating Nature’ the audience is invited into a guided practice of asking nature ‘permission’ for entry, tuning in to the material and immaterial world, by listening to the language of things, and by repositioning ourselves as caretakers, mediators and cohabitants of species on the verge of extinction. The practice is inspired by Yanomamy's indigenous community in the Venezuelan Amazonia, which ask nature for permission before going hunting or fishing.

Beginning in total darkness of a black box, the piece navigates through digital video, kinetic sculpture-soundscapes, dance, poetry, and out of the theatre into a pocket of woodland emerging from an ex-industrial zone of Refshaleøen. In the black box we prepare ourselves to open our senses and systems of belief to enter the unknown and try to sense the natural world. Outside, in the woodland, we embody this practice of sensing and mediating nature. The performance contrasts and challenges our perceptions of natural and unnatural, of stage and site and of the rights of humans and non-human ‘others’.

As part of a four year project, Mediating Natureprepares the audience into the next chapter:The entry price for this performance is the new book the audience will receive titled: The Forests Imaginary Trial - 374 Grieving Poems!. We will introduce the book, which prepares the audience to choose a specie(s) to represent as a jury in the next performance chapter: The Forest Trial, 2024 – a stage trial to defend non-humans, who can't speak and defend themselves. Mediating Nature is the first part of a four year's project in defense of the forests.

Buy Tickets:

Limited sit: 40

Group age: 7 and up.

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