sara gebran


Performance 2001

20 min

GUILTS is an ironic and serious invitation into a dangerous universe of guilt, indecisiveness, self-reproach and doubt, accusation and blame, betrayal and murder.

GUILTS is Gebran’s exploration of a common human emotion that rises when we loose and the powerlessness of loosing which nurtures anger, chaos and desire for revenge. Arbitrarily we aim our gun to our selves as if there is nothing else to live for. And in distress, impotence and desperation we also aim at our surroundings searching out the responsibles of our miseries.

Concept and Choreography: Sara Gebran (Dk/Venezuela)

Dance: Marylise Tanvet (Fr). Music mix: Arnes Shultz

Composers: Russ Meyer and Peter Thomas

Costume Design: Sara Sacks (Dk)

Light Design: Mikael Sylvest (Dk)

Supported by the Danish Theater Council.

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