"6 Grieving Colors - The Forests Imaginary Trial"

"6 Grieving Colors from "The Forests Imaginary Trial"

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This work is made specifically for Theatrebuiding.com, a new online theatre space presenting and collaborating with invited artists from any place in the world. Its inniciated by Monia Sander and Jazbo Gross.

"6 Grieving Colors from 'The Forests Imaginary Trial...'" is a re-composition of the publication "The Forests Imaginary Trial - 374 Grieving Poems" and the performance "Mediating Nature", both created and presented together in August 2023 at Metropolis festival in Copenhagen. All these works are part of a four years research and performances aiming to find practices and tools to empower us, citizens, in the epic struggle to denounce ecocide, defend nature and give them the legal rights to exists within the earth jurisprudence.

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Text: Sara Gebran

English voice: Nicol Savinetti. Spanish voice:Sara Gebran.

Composition video by Jazbo Gross and Sara Gebran.

6 Grieving Colors from "The Forests Imaginary Trial" and theatrebuilding.com are supported byThe Danish Arts Foundation.