The educational project as Head of Education in Choreography at The Danish National School of Performing Arts

The educational project as Head of Education in Choreography at The Danish National School of Performing Arts,


As head of Choreography Education at the Danish National School for Performing Arts (DDSKS) 2012-2016, I focused on:


* the expanded practice of choreography (read concept here >>>)

* a way of educating choreography and dance students combining practice and theory, 

since at the time theories where not a part of the students education.

* create their own choreography a practice which also didn't exist

* share agency by rotating power


Since Copenhagen didn't have an international art scene at the time, some of my guest teachers performed as part of this program, exposing the students and professional artists in the city to important international works. Through evening events, local artists from various disciplines were invited to present their works to the students.


I collaborated with Inkonst, Skogen, Dansehallerne, Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Festival Works at Work, Charlottenborg Kunsthal and Dansk Skuespillerforbund, sharing some of the artists/teachers invited, expanding the resources and economy of this institution to benefit more than the students. These helped students to create connections to the city, and to be challenged by the interaction with professionals. I established the students exchange program between this institution and the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Dramaturg department at Zagreb University, and HZT Berlin. The city was invited and connected to my program at the school


I conceptualized and organized 2 international Seminars on artistic research (2014), and 3 Conferences on 'The Future of Education' (2012), 'Reflection' (2015), and FICTION/REALITY (2016). This last was a 4 days event, including performances by 6 artists >>>


I actualized the campus library with approximately 1000 books, on performance theories, critical thinking theories, philosophy, artistic practices, and scores.


List of international and national artists, philosophers and academic invited:

Sergej Göran & Nikolina Pristas, Mette Edvardsen, DD Dorvillier, Juan Dominguez, Lisa Nyberg, Irit Rogoff, Franco Bifo Berardi, Florian Schneider, Rodrigo Sobarzo, Angela Melitopoulus, Katja Sander, Rebecka Stillman, Karen Vedel, Laura Schultz, Anders Paulin, Bojana Kunst, Janes Janza, Bojana Cvejic, Nils Norman, Joachim Hamou, Tor Lindstrand, Anders Mossling, Maria Stiernborg, Bojana Cvejic, Maria Jérez, Victoria Perez, Rasmus Nielsen, Sigma Zacharias, Ashley Hunt, Johan Forsman, Eszter Salamon, Mårten Spångberg, Jan Ritsema, Petra Sabisch, Antonia Baehr, Robert Steijn, Sofie Lebech, Keith Hennessy, Lito Walkey, Jens Christian Jensen, Pablo Llambias, Two woman Machine show, Boaz Barkan, Hello Earth, Mathias Krygger, Risk, Elke Van Campenhout, Johanna Gustavsson, Rudi Laerman, Thomas Locker, Jan Bäcklund, Daniel Peltz, Honey Biba, Efva Lilje, Jørgen Teller, Yann Coupier, Karin Søndegård, and more.