Performance 2000

14 min

Hunter is Sara Gebran’s first choreography for men.

Three boys seek attention from each other, in a childish manner, combined with sleazy and masculine movements. The piece becomes a satiric and humoristic work about the lack of touch and the constant search for love. In this short work, Gebran uses elements from the price awarded SHE SHRIEKS (Rencontres…/Scandinavian Platform 2000), made for three women.

…the most perfect choreography of the night… There is lots of humor in the collage like composition of both sound and movement in HUNTING.

Vibeke Wern, Berlingske Tidende, jan. ‘00

Choreography: Sara Gebran.

Dance: Ari Rosenweig, Nicolaj Jespersen (DK), Jean Hughes Miredin (Fr.)

Music: Arne Schultz in collaboration with Sara Gebran

Costume: Lise Klitten and Lisbeth Kongstein

Light design: Mogens Kjempff (DK)

This project was part of a production called “Only Short Time” (Kun Kort Tid), organized by Projekt Kontoret/AdHoc production. 5 female choreographers make 5 short pieces for 4 male dancers.