Il n'y a pas des pommes

Il n’y a pas de pommes au Paradis

Performance 2006

35 min

“Il n’y a pas de pommes au Paradis” is built on components from Waiting for Godot, El Desbarrancadero from fernado Vallejos, Anticrist from Nietzsche and religious rituals put together in an irrational pattern. The idea of Paradise, as described to us by different power structures, rules and norms, are being examined; as well as the possibilities for us to break away from it.

“…Sara Gebran, whom the gentlemen Buñuel and Dali might have found amusing if they had met reminds one of a bizarre Beckett-character… a clown of multiculturalism. …In some ways the aesthetic resemble the “beauty warriors” solos created by Jan Fabre…, but Gebran is less sophisticated, more politically direct and feministic”

/ Svenska Dagbladet, 14 mars. 2006, Anna Ångström

Concept, choreography and dance: Sara Gebran (Vz/Dk)

Dramaturge: Adrienne Altenhaus (Be/USA)

Music: Martin Vongsen (Dk)

Costume: Sara Sachs & Sara Gebran

Doll: Katrine Bjørn & Sara Gebran

Made in 4 residencies: Grand Theatre of Gröningen (January-Feb. 2006), Danse a Aix, Aix-an-Provençe (Nov. 2005),

Moderna Dansteatern (March 2006), University of Copenhagen (May 2005)